Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wizkid, A 'Spoil Brat' Heading The Way Of Majek Fashek?

Wizkid, A 'Spoil Brat' Heading The Way Of Majek Fashek?

To state Wizkid is a kid might be an understatement, but looking at his age, you start to marvel why some so called celebs don't discover from the errors of those before them, who had all the good reputation and treasures in their hands but messed up with it.

At 23, Wizkid is not too juvenile to dad a child, which he has allegedly and supposedly finished. To state he's suffering from a half baked-education might not be an apologise because Bill Gates, assess Zuckerberg and others didn't complete their educations but are world players today.

If I am not wrong, Segun Obe didn't finish from school but he's doing well for himself. 2Face, who is the monarch of new lifetime artistes, didn't finish from school, he is not only responsible but modest.

dignity they state, arrives before drop. For an artiste to call a fan 'broke' is uncalled for. One of the causes I in person don't regard celebs is because like I habitually state, they are not better than a cleaner but only had a camera benefit on other ones.

followers put food in their tables and cater for them. I hope Wizkid has not forgot how he used to clean and run errands for some artistes at OJB Jezreel's studio in Surulere. How Banky W assisted him to become what he is today, how this identical fans expended their hard-earned money to purchase his CDs, pay for VIP tickets just to hear him vocalise for less than 30mins when they can snugly do that by buying his N50 CD at Alaba worldwide Market. Lagos.

If such follower who has paid N1million for a table to just discover him vocalise his 'jargons' is now being called smashed and poor, then this is expected to be the starting of the end of Wizkid.

Maybe he should recall that no one reigns eternally. Many years before, Majek Fashek used to be the celebrity, but today, where is he? This is not a sort of mockery of the veteran vocalist but our new stars should learn from errors of other ones to form their inhabits. I wish tomorrow won't arrive and someone brings sentiment and sympathy to get Nigerians to help Wizkid, God forbid. But the detail is, anything you sow, you will reap.

no one ever knew OJB Jezreel will cry out to Nigerians for help because he made money doing what he loved doing best some years before. If he had called a follower back then 'broke', I marvel if any person would help him today.

Wizkid, you don't need to take my recommendations, but remember that 'pride comes before fall.'


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