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See The Youngest Mother In Medical History Who Gave Birth At The Age Of 5(PHOTOS)


Lina Medina was born on September 27, 1933 in Paurange, Peru, a little Andean town. although, counting on your beliefs, Lina had a very miserable and shocking assertion to fame. When she was just 5 years old, she became with child.

Lina was just like any other little young female her age. She relished playing with her associates in her town and learning new things. After all she was just a progeny. However, when Lina was 5, her stomach started to swell and her body started to mature abnormally for her age. Being from a little village, modern technology at the time just was not accessible for the little young female or her family. For months, her family observed her stomach get larger and eventually they came to the deduction that she was gravely sick, as it was a very quick growing tumor in her stomach.


When her family had the chance, they carried her to the Peruvian village of Pisco. But instead of finding out their daughter was staining from a tumor, they found out that Lina would be giving birth to a child soon. To verify the pregnancy, medical practitioners took x-rays of Lina's stomach and presented biopsies. Lina's father also explained that before her stomach begun to enlarge, she was having normal periods that all of a rapid stopped. She was already just over 7 months with child by the time they verified her to be a mother. Pisco physicians were stunned by Lina's pregnancy and were not going to overtake up the opportunity to study this so-called health miracle. One of the physicians, Dr. Gerardo Lozada, transfered Lina to a clinic in Lima, Peru so she could be discerned at all times.

one time she reached at the Lima hospital, doctors resolved that she would have to have a cesarean part. Due to Lina's small frame and pelvis, it would have been unrealistic for her to give birth vaginally. When she was just 5 years 7 months and 21 days vintage on Mother's Day, May 14th, of 1939, she gave birth to a wholesome 6-pound baby young man. She named him Gerardo, after her doctor.

The father of baby Gerardo was not ever very resolute. In detail, her father was imprisoned for incest and rape of Lina, but was let go due to need of clues. Lina herself never provided any responses to doctors on how she became impregnated.

When Lina provided birth, her family and she accepted that the case was over with. although, doctors liked to continue to study and study Lina's health miracle. A new medical practitioner and investigator was allotted to Lina. His title was Dr. Edmundo Escomel and he was one of Peru's best physicians. His role would put Lina's article on the chart and show the world that her case was not a hoax.

Dr. Escomel's outcome rocked the health world. He discovered that Lina was having regular time span since she was 8 months vintage, much earlier than Lina's dad had told medical practitioners. Through checks, he verified that Lina's ovaries were completely evolved and that her matured body was from a hormone disorder. All of Dr. Escomel's outcome were documented and utilised subsequent on by other medical practitioners.

But Lina's family refused to let their female child or grandchild spend their inhabits in clinics and study amenities. When the child was a couple of months vintage, Gerardo and Lina returned dwelling. simultaneously, they determined to make the decision to raise Gerardo as Lina's junior male sibling. But when the progeny was 10 years vintage, they disclosed that Lina was the actual mother.

amazingly, the Medina family went on to have a normal life. When Gerardo was 33, Lina gave birth to his junior male sibling. She had currently married at the time. However, just seven years subsequent, Lina would outlive Gerardo. He passed away at the age of 40 in 1979 from a bone marrow infection.

Today, Lina still inhabits with her married man Raul Jurado in a poor locality of Lima, Peru. Their living child lives in Mexico. In 2002, Lina's title barely brushed the exterior of newspapers vigilance afresh when she denied to do an interview with Reuters


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