Saturday, August 17, 2013

Olamide Increased Featuring Price To 1million Naira

He’s risen to become one of the hottest and most searched after Hip-Hop artistes in Nigeria. And Olamide Adedeji is calling all the shots concerning his vocation, this includes charging pretty high feature/cameo fees.

When snare put a call to his manager, a certain Rachael, she notified our reporter that although the rapper wouldn’t be leaping on any characteristic pathways for now, he would only characteristic on pieces of music if he is paid a charge of N1m.

We’re not ready to do that and even if we desire to do that, the fee is very high…It’s one million naira for now‘, Rachael told NET over the teleteletelephone add that the charge might go up as early as in a month’s time.

It’s not doubt that since releasing his second album ‘YBNL‘ in late 2012, Olamide has gradually risen to the register of peak ranking Hip-hop artistes in the country. With his new single ‘Durosoke’ and a couple of other ones, his next album is highly anticipated


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